Thursday, 18 October 2012

Everyone has to start somewhere !

Everyone has to start somewhere !

I thought it's about time that I started to blog- well everyone else is and I hate being left out......
Also it's a good way for me to share my opinions - another thing I love to do. 
I thought I would start with my take on the whole Andrew Mitchell situation. Now leaving to one side the role that he plays and the party that he plays for  (just to give the impression of non bias!) I have taken the time to listen to the news and to read what's being said...
In synopsis, it seems clear that he did swear at a couple of policeman (now let's be clear - not just swearing near them - swearing at them) and as far as I am aware that is an arrestable offence in this country. I know this because I know of many people who have been arrested for such behaviour. So why not him ? How is it  that someone just because of the position that they hold, be above the law? how can it also be true that his bosses are saying things along the lines of  ' move along please, nothing to see here!' 

I remember a while ago now that Boris Johnson gave this big speech about how swearing at policeman is not acceptable - Is that not acceptable unless you are in the Tory party?? Is that not a case of, one rules for them and one rule for us? 

This links to an interesting story in the Guardian on the subject ;
and don't get me wrong - I am the first one to hang a ' thank God, I'm not one of them' label on the Tories....... but this isn't just about Class. I don't care that he's a rich bloke who thinks that's it's ok to use language like #PLEB - to be honest, I can't remember the last person that I heard use that term. I would have the same disdain for anyone who reacts in that way to someone 'doing their job!'
He has this superior attitude which means he think's that it's ok to look down on someone doing their job....Its' not just that he swore at a copper. I would be equally as outraged if he's taken his frustrations out on a cabby who'd stopped in the way of his bike, or a nurse who treated the ignorant individual if he'd fallen off his bike on the way home. 
Societies fall apart when people stop treating each other as people - and this is a prime example of that . The fact that he holds a senior position in the ruling Party of this country makes it all the more damaging in my book. How are we expected to teach our young disaffected youths, looking at a bleak future thanks to Tory policy that they should be respectful to their fellow citizens - when Andrew Mitchell behaves like this, and Cameron looks the other way

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