Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Tumbleweed rolls over the phrase ' We are all in this together'.

Yesterday saw the Tories and Liberal Democrats (sorry not all - I think there were 6 LIB DEM MPs who didn't vote for the bill) bring in the biggest 'real terms' cut to both IN WORK (let's make this perfectly clear to anyone who might not have realised this - IN WORK benefits ) and out of work (working age) benefits.

Polls carried out show that as these changes are introduced, with them comes a huge amount of poisonous talk of strivers vs skivers. People are being fed misinformation as to this 'easy life' that people on the 'dole' have, When times are hard, people always look to blame someone or something;

It's Labours fault, they got us into this mess ( what the GLOBAL Financial Crisis was caused by the Labour Government???? - Please - move on from that broken record )

It's a Global Problem - No shit sherlock.... so let's not blame the poorest in our society for what is a much bigger problem.

It's the Public sector workers fault - them with their BIG gold plated pensions........ Let's give them a pay freeze/change their pension contributions/ Let everyone know what an easy ride they have had - and now that the Omni-shambolic Tory/LibDem union is driving this train, we don't take passengers.

It's the unemployed people's fault - We need to cut our spending/tighten our belts and they need to start pulling their weight - especially those ones who are 'pretending to be disabled/unable to work' Lets' get ATOS and A4E in to 'help them' .... and what happened ...... people are being told they are fit to work, when clearly they are not, people are being forced into workfare programs - which do not assist in getting them back into employment but just provide 'free' labour for the companies involved.

I strongly believe that the mask has now completely slipped from the Tory Party and we see them for what they are... a Party with a self serving 'I'm all right Jack, Screw you !' mentality. Know your enemy, that's what my Dad says. Now there can be NO mistake what this current government cares about and where it's focus is.

I for one, am not going to sit back and keep quiet! I intend to make sure that I highlight the inaccuracies in the information that is shared with the public, both in my ward and in Reading as a whole... It's time to dust off the Soap box and 'Get on it!'

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